Fire Pits

Custom Fire Pits

At Hubb-Cap we offer multiple fire pit options to meet your design and budget needs. Whether you are looking for a custom manufactured fire pit or something more economical we can work with you to complete your backyard oasis. Custom firepits can be made with your name, logo, grill top, etc… Our corrugated steel fire pits are made with heavier gauge steel and are therefore more durable than you will find at retail outlets. They can also be made to your specifications including width and depth which allows you to control factors like how big the fires can be and how portable the pit will be (i.e. partial burying). Since we make them right here in Ontario, we have the flexibility to produce anywhere from one custom fire pit to hundreds.  We also manufacture accessories (fire pokers, grill tops, etc…). Please contact us to discuss your project.

Custom fire pit and fire poker
Fire pit at campground
Fire pit with ash drawer