Corrugated Steel Pipe

Culvert Pipes, Subdrains, Sewers, Service Tunnels, Emergency Relief

Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) is the most sustainable, economical and durable drainage product to date. Its lightweight profile is easy to install and the corrugated steel structure will not crack under high-impact loads. Hubb-Cap has been manufacturing the highest quality steel culvert, providing one-of-a-kind service and solutions, for nearly a century. Hubb-Cap’s CSP comes in a variety of sizes, gauges, materials and coatings and offers up-to a 100-year service life, with the ability to withstand Canada’s most aggressive conditions.

We create customized culvert solutions to meet the needs of any project – we provide simplified drainage solutions.


All sizes can be manufactured to your desired length, from 3m up to 15m, depending on diameter and thickness. We provide two shapes, round or pipe-arch: round is the standard for culverts, subdrains, sewers, service tunnels, etc., and pipe-arch is used when headroom is limited and has hydraulic advantages at low flow.

Our gauge sizes come in 12 (2.8mm), 14 (2.0mm) and 16 (1.6mm). We offer CSP with a galvanized coating, which is great for low-abrasion conditions and has a service life of 25 years. We offer CSP with Type 2 aluminized coating for more corrosive environments and a service life of 75 years. And lastly, we offer CSP with polymer-laminated coating for the most aggressive environments, withstanding high concentrations of acids and alkalis, and a service life of 100+ years. Standard profiles are 68mm x 13mm, and 125mm x 25mm. Our coupler types of annular or dimpled also come in a variety of sizes.

All CSP is manufactured to CSA Standard G401.

Pipe SizeCoupler TypeCoupler Width
300mm-600mm1 or 2 Piece Annular5 Corrugation
800mm-1200mm2 Piece Annular5 Corrugation
1200mm-3300mm2 Piece Annular9 Corrugation

Custom and Immediate Solutions

Hubb-Cap also retains an extensive stock supply, ready to support immediate needs and emergency situations.

We are able to manufacture a wide range of CSP fittings for any application, including: elbows, tee’s, reducers, perforated catch basins and more.

Delivery Made Simple

We deliver to site. At Hubb-Cap we offer personalized service and simplified solutions by taking the time and effort out of delivery.

Corrugated Steel vs Reinforced Concrete

Corrugated steel pipe’s carbon footprint is a fraction of reinforced concrete pipe. Download the carbon footprint calculator below to compare the environmental footprint, just enter your width and length of pipe to compare.

Contact us with your specific project requirements today.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)


Corrugated exterior, smooth-wall interior, in diameters from 100mm (4″) to 900mm (36″). Stock lengths of 6m. Wrap couplers, elbows (single or double mitre), reducers, and custom fittings to specification. Culvert pipe is approved to 320 KPA and comes in split coupler end or Bell & Spigot

Sizes Offered:

4’’ (100M) to 60’’ (1500M) *** add an attachment from ADS as a down load *** 


Plain, perforated, or perforated with filter sock. In addition, we also offer a full line of accessories including couplers, elbows, tees, end caps, reducers, downspout adapters, and sump liners.

We stock a wide selection of weeping tile to suit your drainage needs in 4, 6 and 8 inch diameters and lengths of 10, 100 and 250 ft. Additional diameters and lengths are available upon request.



MacTex® Non-Woven and Composites

MacTex® AR

Maccaferri MacTex® AR is used in paving applications and acts as a waterproofing and stress relieving membrane within the pavement structure. It is made from a nonwoven needle punched geotextile made from 100% polypropylene staple filaments. The polypropylene is stable within a pH range of 2 to 13. MacTex® AR resists ultraviolet deterioration, biological deterioration, rotting, and naturally encountered acids and bases.

MacTex® N

MacTex® N are high quality non-woven geotextiles manufactured from virgin high tenacity polypropylene fibers assembled by a needle punched treatment only. The product is suitable for all general geotextile applications including filtration and separation.

MacGrid EG

MacGrid® EG are high modulus high density polyethylene (HDPE) grids, produced by a punched and extruded process and characterized by a tensile resistance in both longitudinal and transverse directions. MacGrid® EG are geogrids are used primarily within the granular layers of road construction, or in access tracks in forestry, mining and agriculture. They also provide a soil stabilization function. The granular backfill interlocks with the MacGrid® EG, which provides lateral restraint to the aggregate particles.


MacTex® Woven

MacTex® W1

MacTex® W1 geotextiles are planar woven structures manufactured weaving in the warp and the weft directions polypropylene tapes. They are used for general soil and ground stabilization applications, where a dual, separation and reinforcement function may be required.

MacTex® EC

The MacTex® EC geotextiles are woven fabrics made from high tenacity polypropylene tapes. They are used to contain topsoil within the face of reinforced soil geogrid wrapped face structures. The MacTex® EC is placed immediately behind the wrapped face of the geogrid, to prevent the backfill from spilling out between the apertures in the reinforcement geogrid

Gabion Baskets

Gabions are baskets manufactured from 8 x 10 double twisted hexagonal woven wire mesh as per ASTM A975-97, Gabions are filled with stone to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls, channel linings, and weirs for erosion control projects. You can order your Gabion in Galvanized or PVC Coated wire.

Silt Fencing

Is available in 3’ x 100’ in standard weight and heavy weight product type.