Genie 45ft Articulating Lift

Refurbished equipment

One of our customers reached out to our Technical Service Department in Jarvis, ON to seek our advice regarding one of their Genie 45ft Articulating Lifts. This customer relies on Capitol Equipment Rentals to perform quarterly checks and annual safeties on their aerial equipment.

The customer had advised us they were considering buying a new or used machine. By working with our Technical Service Manager, they decided to do a complete recondition of their older machine. The recondition included the following components: Full Engine replacement, replacement and rebuild of structural components including new jib and basket, replaced the centre post, brand new hydraulics, wired new circuit board and all new electrical wiring. The recondition took our team 30 days to complete and resulted in our customer having a fully safetied reconditioned 45 ft. articulating Genie lift for 30% of the price of a new machine. We look forward to helping all our customers extend the life of their equipment and avoid having to make unnecessary capital investments